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(Ask) Why is Hard Drive Recovery Costs Expensive?

Some questions about the cost of a damaged hard drive recovery service.

Question: There are 2 cases, first, my friend’s office PC exploded and caught fire, until the hard drive was damaged. Because the data is important, the hard drive is repaired. It costs 500 thousand. Secondly, another friend, because the electricity in his house suddenly died, his hard drive suddenly damaged. and when they want to be recovered to the hard drive service, they will be notified if the fee is 5 million. Why can it differ so much?

Answer: First, maybe the PC that exploded and caught fire damaged the hard drive but not until the hard disk broke. Or to damage the mechanics. The only damage to the mainboard hard disk is short. So maybe just doing service and component changes to the extent of the mainboard. And secondly, the possibility of damage to the hard drive has reached inside, namely the disk and motor parts. So we need a special tool to repair hardware first before doing the recovery process in software. So the hard drive recovery is first done normalized first, then the data is recovered using special software (each hard drive repair service has its own tools and tools).

Question: Why is only hard disk recovery even more expensive than the price of the hard disk itself?

Answer: Hey dear people, in every service that is traded there is always knowledge and effort spent. And in the field of data recovery, there are additional technological factors that are used.

  • Science, if recovery is handled by people who are inexperienced, surely can you trust your items? Understand this. And working hard to achieve proficiency in an area is also not easy.
  • The effort, this is also important, for data recovery requires extra attention tools and utilities. Imagine the device will turn on with electricity during the recovery process. It can be a week, it can be 2 weeks, or if the HDD is recovered with a large capacity, it can take up to a month. Do you think power and electricity are free? of course not.
  • Technology, a PC, a Dish Reader, and other devices are not cheap either.

Examples of some recovery tools (hardware)

UDMA PC3000 costs 75,000,000 check here

1 Set of computers. Specs for large data dumps to quickly price a minimum of 10,000,000

Spin Stand Disk & Mechanical Head Tester = $ 350,000 US

Magnescope: $ 80,000 US

Clean Bench HEPA: $ 4,000 US

However, not all hard drive recovery services have all the expensive tools. The most widely owned are usually only PC3000 and computers.

So in essence, if you think about it, the cost of hard disk data recovery is indeed not comparable to the price of the hard disk itself, but here what is assessed is not goods, but data. Which if it is something that cannot be repeated and is very valuable, then surely it must be recovered. For example, other people’s wedding photos, is it true that the person who was photographed was told to hold a re-event? Make sense?